Clare McGrath

Executive Producer, Finger Music

Great ideas are only as good as the craftsmen who bring them to life… The CRAFT ARROWS give us a platform to celebrate both sides as one.

Clare McGrath is the Executive Producer at Finger Music, and has been for the past 14 years. She has helped build and develop the company, over the years, producing award-winning scores for the likes of John Lewis, Coca-Cola and Guinness.

Clare is committed to creating the best sound for each individual project and has spent years building relationships and curating a list of some of the most talented artists and musicians globally. She loves the process of creating something unique and original, from film scores to innovative commercials, her knowledge and passion knows no bounds.

Clare and the team at Finger continue to grow with offices in London, NY and LA. Their goal is to create brilliant musical solutions and to throw the odd party along the way.