Jane Bolton

Fat Lemon

Jane studied at Newcastle Polytechnic alongside Jonathan Ive. Well he was two years behind her on a different degree but they were probably at some point in the student union at the same time, once or maybe twice.

Jane has always worked in advertising. A career that stretches back 30 years into the heady days of the late 80’s. Finding the traditional route from the bottom up the surest way, Jane’s early training involved working with a true 80’s advertising eccentric. She moved on from her first job having learnt how to persuade a courier to deliver a letter to Princess Diana at Buckingham Palace (just chuck it through the railings and run), managing a tabloid press media storm and, in eighteen months, eventually running the company.

Her next stop was at a nascent Nexus which, back in the day, was live action working for Japanese agencies. Dispatched to Tokyo to learn Japanese and work in the Shinjuku office, Jane returned to produce at Nexus with bar room Japanese, keen karaoke skills and an overextended knowledge of Rappongi drinking dens.

In 1993, Jane was a co-founder of Picasso Pictures under the auspices of Moving Picture Company; focusing on animation and the early days of graphic and special effects. The company grew to become one of the leading UK Animation Production Houses.

Looking to take a new direction, Jane left Picasso in rude health to return to live action filmmaking and storytelling. In 2014, she then launched Fat Lemon with the backing of Jamie Oliver who had yet to extend his empire into commercials production. Fat Lemon is a boutique commercials and content production house already burning bright and blazing a trail of awards.

Jane is a member of our Diversity Sub Committee.