Advertiser of Excellence 2017 Awarded to Channel 4

Written by
James Walker
Head of Marketing, Channel 4

These pieces are usually written by the ECD at the agency and not by the receiver of the award, the client.
So, before it looks like I am congratulating myself I should explain...

Channel 4 has a unique way of doing things and has been one of the pioneers of the in-house model.
So, whilst 4creative and Channel 4 marketing are two teams, they are joined at the hip as colleagues,
friends and collaborators. That trust has been built over many years and that trust has meant that we
have made risky and challenging work together, often under tight timelines and often with less money
than would be ideal. As a joined-up team we all know the brand instinctively but also challenge each
other with just the right amount of creative tension (its not utopia all the time and we do disagree and
yes sometimes research is a useful objective tool...). 

There are many people over the years who have built and shared that success. But I’d like to call out the fantastic creatives, directors and producers I have been privileged to work with lead by Brett Foraker,
Tom Tagholm and over the last four years by the extraordinary team of Chris Bovill and John Allison. 

It’s also important to say that as well as having in house creative and production we are a small team
and we have had the privilege of working with many of the best creative and production partners from
across the industry.

In the last four years, we’ve delivered two very difficult second albums with those partners – the rebranding of Channel 4 (after 10 very successful years) working with Academy and Jonathan Glazer and in the last year, the Superhumans Mk II with Blink and Dougal Wilson. 

There are also many unsung heroes who shed blood sweat and tears on a daily basis to keep millions of people tuning in – from marketing managers and producers to media planners - across the marketing
and creative teams. 

All of us lead by my boss the brilliant Dan Brooke with vision and inspiration. 

It’s a huge privilege to work with a brand that has a unique purpose and has written into its brand DNA
the need to take risks, champion Britain’s diversity and to do things differently.

I think the works speaks for itself. There’s quality and quantity. Not many advertisers can say they produce nearly 1000 pieces of copy a year. All under the control and direction of the same tight knit team of people. 

So, thanks to everyone who has played a part in it. 

This is for all of you.

Advertiser of Excellence