John Lewis, Christmas, Buster The Boxer, made for adam&eveDDB by Blink, directed by Dougal Wilson

John Lewis, Interactive Christmas VR Experience, Buster’s Garden, made for adam&eveDDB by MPC Creative, directed by Andre Assalino


Retailers — (2')
Best over 60 and up to and including 90 second — (90")
Best over 90 second commercial — (2')

Craft Arrows

Animation: 3D — David Bryan, Tim van Hussen and Max Mallmann at MPC ("2’")
CGI — Diarmid Harrison-Murray, Fabian Frank and William Laban at MPC ("2’")
Director - The Frank Budgen Award — Dougal Wilson ("2’")
VR / 360 — Dan Phillips, Andre Assalino and Pete Conolly at MPC ("Buster’s Garden")
  • Advertising Agency
  • Executive Creative Directors
    Ben Tollett and Richard Brim
  • Chief Creative Officer
    Ben Priest
  • Agency TV Producer
    Panos Louca
  • Creatives
    Ben Stilitz and Colin Booth, Till Diestel ("Buster’s Garden")
  • Production Company
  • Director
    Dougal Wilson
  • Producer
    Nick Goldsmith
  • Cinematographer
    Joost van Gelder
  • Animation Company
  • Animation Companies
    Selvam Venkatesan and Praveen Madhyasta ("Buster’s Garden")
  • Animation Company Director
    Diarmid Harrison-Murray
  • Animation Company Producer
    Julie Evans
  • Lead Animators
    David Bryan, Tim van Hussen and Max Mallmann
  • Executive Creative Director
    Andre Assalino ("Buster’s Garden")
  • Interactive CD
    Pete Conolly ("Buster’s Garden")
  • VR Experience Director
    Dan Phillips (VR Experience)
  • VFX Head of Production
    Kumar Chandrasekaran ("Buster’s Garden")
  • VFX Creative Director
    Sean Mullen ("Buster’s Garden")
  • VFX Technical Director
    David Kern ("Buster’s Garden")
  • Rigging
    Anil Kumar Singh ("Buster’s Garden")
  • Editing Company
    Final Cut
  • Editor
    Rick Russell
  • Post Production Company
  • Colourists
    Jean-Clément Soret, Matthieu Toullet ("Buster’s Garden")
  • Lead 2D Artists / VFX Supervisors
    Fabian Frank (3D) and Tom Harding (2D)
  • Composers
    Randy Crawford, Faye Ripley ("Buster’s Garden")
  • Audio Post Production
    Factory, ClearCut ("Buster’s Garden")
  • Sound Design
    Anthony Moore, 1618 Digital ("Buster’s Garden")
  • Sound Producer
    Chris Hill
  • Sound Producer
    Chris Hill
  • Music Supervision
    Abi Leland and Ed Bailie at Leland Music


67Director - The Frank Budgen Award
Animation: 3D
Gold Craft Arrow Winner
Gold Craft Arrow Winner
VR / 360
Silver Craft Arrow Winner