Lee Pavey Chair of the CRAFT Jury

Co-Founder, ETC

Craft is the difference between family silverware and plastic cutlery.  Think of any great ad you remember and I promise the craft in every discipline on show will be at its best.

I wanted to create a fresh new jury who represent the industry today. My jury was crafted from some of the best young talent the British advertising world has to offer along with a few more experienced people who like me live and breathe their craft and are using the skills they have learned to educate and inspire the future generations. 

My jury hopefully represents not only the changes in diversity to a lot of professions which previously were too dominated by one gender, race or class but also contains a new breed who are continuing to push and educate themselves fully in new crafts and other skills.

Lee co-founded Electric Theatre Collective in 2011. Since opening, they have established themselves as one of London’s top Visual effects companies, picking up various awards for their work on some of the best commercials, music videos and short films as well as Visual Effects Company of the year at Ciclope. 

Over the past 20 years, Lee has worked with some of the most highly regarded directors including Ringan Ledwidge, Adam Berg, Sam Brown, Seb Edwards and Si & Ad as well as continuing to seek out and work with with some of advertising best young directors including Us, MJ Delaney and Ben Liam Jones. 

Prior to Electric Theatre, Lee worked at Various companies including The Mill LA, The Mill London, Golden Sq and Glassworks. During this time he worked on award winning work including Chris Cunningham’s Rubber Johnny. He also worked on the Gorillaz / Madonna stage show collaboration for the US Grammys as well as working with Casey Affleck on his first feature I’m Still Here.