Jess Oudot

Creative, Mother London

A wave of white horses. A passage from The Tempest. A suit jacket teamed with denim hotpants. A blast of Enya. It’s touches like these that make a good ad into an iconic one. That’s the beauty of craft.

Jess Oudot grew up in North London and studied English Lit by the sea in Brighton. Her last name is pronounced “ooh-dough”. It’s French and there’s supposed to be a little hat over the second “o”. But she doesn’t use it because she thinks it’s a bit pretentious.

After a stint in journalism on the Arts Desk of the Daily Telegraph, she turned her hand to advertising and took a job at JWT. While there, she made award-winning work for Tourism Ireland and KitKat and shook up the coffee category with Kenco’s Coffee Vs Gangs campaign.

From there, she went to mcgarrybowen to work on clients including Branston Pickle and Western Union. She joined Mother in 2015 and created the No7 Ready for More campaign featuring a 52-year-old ballerina, the Stella Artois Wimbledon 2016 sponsorship work and the latest IKEA campaign rallying the nation to Win at Sleeping.