James Bland

Managing Partner & Executive Producer, Blink

A great idea without great execution will ultimately fail. I’m always looking to find work that is exceptionally well executed. Work that, whatever its budget, excels because of the high level of craft on display.

James Bland is Managing Partner and Executive Producer of Blink Productions, Colonel Blimp, Blink Art and BlinkInk.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, James has worked in production his entire career. It began in Vancouver with work on Films and TV shows. It was there that he finally got to work on his first commercial. That led to a ten-year stretch working as a 1st Assistant Director for some of the best advertising Directors in the world, including Tony Kaye, Johnny Green and Tim Godsall. Against better judgement, and after some cajoling from Tim Godsall, he went on to become an Executive Producer at OPC in Toronto. Finding that the role suited him like no other, he decided to relocate once more, this time to London, where he joined Blink.

Blink has won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix three times. First in 2008, for Cadbury’s Gorilla, and again in 2015 for John Lewis Monty’s Christmas, and once more in 2016 for Harvey Nichols Shoplifters. John Lewis Monty’s Christmas went on to win the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Effectiveness in 2016. Further to that, Blink has been awarded Production Company of the Year at the British Arrows AWARDS in 2013 and again in 2015 and also won the D&AD Black Pencil. At Eurobest 2015, Blink won three Grand Prix awards (Film, Craft, Integrated) and the Golden Palm Award. And most recently at the Eurobest 2017, Blink won a double Grand Prix for Dougal Wilson’s We’re the Superhumans.

James has been on a few juries. British Arrows AWARDS, British Arrows CRAFT, D&AD, APA and Ciclope Awards. He is also the Craft Jury President at the 2017 Dubai Lynx Awards.