Alan Smith

Director (Smith & Foulkes), Nexus

It's true that you don't get very far without a good idea, but if you don't get the execution right then it’s all for nothing. Applying the right visual and sonic solutions from all of the creative possibilities out there is where the true craft lies. If you can steer that idea through the diverse choppy waters of the collaborative process and still create something that both excites and emotionally connects with your audience, then you have truly learnt your craft.

Adam Foulkes and Alan Smith have developed a reputation as one of London’s top directing teams, winning the Cannes Lions Grand Prix in 2005 and receiving a 2009 Oscar nomination for their short film This Way Up.  Other numerous awards include several Cannes Gold Lions, two D&AD Black Pencils, a Grandy at the ANDYS, several British Arrows AWARDS Golds, British Arrows CRAFT Golds and the Creative Circle Platinum Award. Honda Grrr is the most awarded commercial in the world from 1999-2008 and was AdWeeks’ Ad of the Decade.

Graduates of the prestigious Royal College of Art, they began their career creating tour visuals for U2. They have gone on to work across techniques, working in live-action, animation and VFX work for high profile clients including Coca-Cola, Honda, HP, Comcast and Intel. They are slated to direct the feature RADIO JONES.