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Tuesday 22 November 2016, London: report this week ‘reveals’ that school leavers are lacking work place skills. Shocking isn’t it? Or rather, shocking that in two years since an almost identical report was published we’ve failed to do anything about it. 

It’s starting to feel like reality is a little too close to what could make for the storyline of Charlie Brooker’s next Black Mirror episode or what Stephen Hawking feared – our technology becoming so intelligent, more human than humans, that it re-programs itself and takes over our lives… or at least our jobs and careers. Ok, a scary and somewhat unrealistic thought, but the point I’m trying to make, is that with technology and AI now in such an advanced place, how come we’re we still struggling with how to boil an egg?

"80% of young people require significant training once they are hired." So, enter stage right, our newly appointed prime minister to come to the rescue with her plans for ‘educational reform’. Will she then be championing better opportunities for students through vocational training? Brilliant! Oh, except she’s not. Instead she’s going to create more grammar schools that focus on a structured path to academia, bound by all rules and constraints that weed out the daydreamers, the odd ones out, the loners and ones who don’t fit in – Well they might not fit into a bank or a law firm but our industry is exactly where those odd shapes do fit… Not only that, they excel. Advertising has never needed them more.

And this is why I feel that it’s down to us, as a creative industry, to lead the way with our own reform in a way that then inspires other sectors outside of advertising to do the same. Those I’ve worked with, know one thing I’m passionate about – apart from cycling up hills and marmots – is this… the vocational aspect of education and real life skills and training affects our industry more than most. Let’s face it we’ve not been the best as an industry to open our doors and encourage talented individuals outside of the white, middle-class grad demographic – this needs to change. 


For over 40 years the British Arrows Awards have celebrated the very best film and talent that the British ad industry has to offer.

As the champions of great film, we also have the British Arrows Craft awards, a night when we acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the oft-unsung heroes of production.

The ad industry is changing minute-by-minute, day-by-day but great ideas and great film have never been more important and neither have the British Arrows.



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After 40 years as the most respected and coveted of British advertising awards,
the British Arrows are now combining their AWARDS and CRAFT shows into
one big show simply called ‘THE BRITISH ARROWS’.

Chairman of the Board Charlie Crompton said, “Traditionally the British Arrows
has always had two shows - one celebrating the best ideas of the year, the other celebrating the best craft. However, as everyone knows, any great piece of work is a magical combination of idea and craft, so it seemed perfectly natural for us to combine our two shows. We want to put on the best night of the year, gathering ad agencies along with our top production companies, post houses and film craftsmen and women. It will be an evening to celebrate the best our entire industry has to offer. We’ve also streamlined the categories, so our Golds, Silvers and Bronzes mean as much as they always have.

“The purity of the judging process underpins that, so we will now have a split jury with two Chairs. We’re delighted to announce that the Chair of the Jury for the ARROWS entries is David Kolbusz, CCO at Droga5, and the CRAFT ARROWS entries will be chaired by Lee Pavey, ETC’s Co-Founder.”


Dates and details for The British Arrows 2018 coming soon...