Advertiser of Excellence 2016

Awarded to Diageo, Guinness
Written by
Martin Loraine,

‘Guinness is Good for You’. One of advertising’s most famous lines.

Less catchy, but equally true, is ‘Guinness is Terrifying for You’. Thrilling, inspiring and daunting for you, if you’re working on the next ad.

Because for decades, the brand has made some of the world’s most famous commercials, celebrated as much by the public as they are by the industry. 

‘Surfer’, for example, won more industry awards than any other commercial in 1999,
and was voted by the public ‘Best Ad of All Time’.

Perhaps the public embrace the work because, however lateral, it has always been
rooted in the drink itself. 

Dramatising pouring a perfect pint, for example, as in ‘Good Things Come to Those
Who Wait’. Or the character of the beer, as in the ‘Made of More’ campaign. 

While grounded in the product, the advertising has walked a creative high wire, featuring talking squirrels, racing snails, benevolent clouds and well-dressed war zones, without
ever leaving the public, or sales, behind.

After eighteen years, at AMVBBDO the enthusiasm to top previous work is greater than
ever, because the brand never stands still.

Today Guinness is exploring new territories in markets and in media with the same
attitude the brand shows in commercials. 

A commercial directed at a new generation of drinkers in Africa featured no narrative,
no drinkers, no pub and no pouring shot. 

A celebration of blackness, ‘Made of Black’ expanded into five hours of branded entertainment, as well as user-generated music and video on social media. 

As Diageo’s Global Head of Beer, Mark Sandys puts it, “Our role is to constantly bring
change and reinvention, rather than resting on our heritage.”

Sixty-one years after the first Guinness commercial, making the next is as daunting
as ever, but equally as exciting, precious and career-making as any in advertising.

For decades, Guinness commercials have inspired our industry. 

Whether you’re a creative, director, producer, account handler, strategist, agency, client, production company or, even more importantly, a viewer...

Guinness is Good for You.

Special Award
Advertiser of Excellence
Awarded to Diageo, Guinness

(L-R) James Studholme (Blink), Stephen O'Kelly (Diageo Guinness), Sheryl Mousley (Walker Art)


(L-R) James Studholme (Blink), Stephen O'Kelly (Diageo Guinness), Sheryl Mousley (Walker Art)