Lucinda Ker

Producer, adam&eveDDB

There has to be a balance when working in advertising: between producing effective campaigns and doing creative work – we want our ads to produce results, be liked by the public and win awards from our peers – it’s quite a lot to ask for.

Of all the awards, the British Arrows has always been the most inspiring one for me – the evening that was most anticipated and winning an arrow the most important accolade of the year, the anticipation of waiting to hear if that hard work would be rewarded. The Arrows will always hold this excitement for me, and the knowledge that receiving one is a real testament to the hard work and creativity put in by all involved, and justly rewarded.

I have been producing at Bishops Bridge Road since the heady days of BMP – and working and learning from the best – John Webster, Frank Budgen, Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth, Nick Gill, Mike Hannett and Dave Buchanan, Sam Oliver and Shish Patel and many more.

I arrived after doing some freelancing at BBH and probably didn’t quite understand how lucky I was to be working at one of the best creative agencies in London. The first job I worked on was Miller Lite “He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother” with John Webster as creative and Roger Woodburn as director! The bar was set high, and I was extremely excited to be working with the best.

I have worked on some extraordinary projects over the years such as various John Smith’s Bitter campaigns, Volkswagen’s ‘Night Drive’ and ‘Tall Girl’, Dulux, Philips’ Parallel Lines – 6 online films, all amazing concepts to work on.

I have spent time working with DDB Paris on various Lipton's Ice Tea campaigns including ones with Hugh Jackman.

During these years I've travelled to some of the most amazing locations, working with talented and stimulating people all over the world.

Bishops Bridge Road has changed a lot over the years (I didn’t need to leave to seek anything more challenging!!) as I have always been in the middle of mergers, take-overs and more mergers, until our latest incarnation – adamandeveDDB. We are now as strong and creative as ever: winning accounts, continuing the great tradition of doing amazing work and winning awards. Bishops Bridge Road: what an extraordinary place to be.