Fergus Brown

MD, Smuggler

With all the pseudo awards springing up worldwide, we need the British Arrows as a beacon of craft, skill and fairness. The Arrows inspire us all to make better work.

Fergus Brown left school in Argyll, Scotland a bit earlier than he or his parents had planned. His parents, being hard-working Scottish Presbyterians, were not going to let him sit around or follow them into the hotel trade. So at 17 and with the financial backing of ten whole pounds, he was sent to London to seek his fortune.

Fergus worked for the Joe Dunton Camera company, where he quickly realised that being a clapper loader was the only way he’d get away from living in Wembley, but a quicker dawning was on the horizon when he saw that producing was the top job. So in 1995 he headed to South Africa for a crash course in production, and then returned to London to work with Tarsem on Nike ‘Good vs. Evil’.

In 1997 he opened Filmworks International in London, a production service company that eventually opened offices in Spain, Italy, Mumbai, Buenos Aires and Caracas. Done with constant travelling, he then joined Paul Street at Streetlight.

In January 2009 Fergus started Smuggler’s London office, and the following year it was awarded joint Production Company of the Year award and the Best Commercial Award at the British Arrows.

Smuggler London is his passion and the UK office has grown from “two nice people in a kitchen” to what it is today.

Fergus lives in West London, but wishes he lived in Ardfern, Argyll. But there is no commercial work there and he is too old to work for the forestry.

The highlights of Smuggler’s last decade have been the multi Tony and Olivier winning musical ‘Once’ and the great fortune at various international award shows, such as three Palme D’Or wins at Cannes. Smuggler prides itself on being champions and guardians of great ideas, and live to tell stories in whatever medium suits best.