Abbi Tarrant

Head of Content, mcgarrybowen

The British Arrows celebrates the blood, sweat and tears that go into making excellent advertising. It’s a great yardstick with which to measure the constantly evolving industry we work in and inspires us to push the bar higher and higher each year.

If pedigree counts for anything, the fact that Abbi was the joint product of a creative director father and an agency producer mother meant she was more than likely destined for a career in advertising. A love of craft and creativity, coupled with organisational zeal, unerringly ushered her into TV production where she has worked on a number of award-winning campaigns over the last decade.

As Head of Content at mcgarrybowen, Abbi is now channeling her energy into building the reputation of this young agency by striving to make excellent, effective work for clients such as Honda, Branston and Adidas.