The Carbon Award 2015

Awarded to ‘The Lego Movie’
Written by
Mark Benson

The Carbon Award has been introduced by the Arrows Board of Directors to recognise a truly exceptional piece of film-based work; associated with a brand, and which has received global recognition and admiration for both its idea and execution.

The Carbon Award is not an annual award. Each year the board will carry out a review of work over the previous twelve months, and consider if any of the work meets the criteria of excellence that we have identified. 

The piece of work can be completed anywhere in the world, and will have challenged, shocked, and excited its audience or viewers in a spectacular way. In short, the work must be unique, memorable, inspirational and globally recognised for its ambition and impact. It is as likely to win an award tonight as it is at D&AD, at Cannes or at the Oscars. 

I am delighted to say that for 2015 we have decided that there is a worthy winner that meets all of the conditions of excellence that we have identified.

The work truly merges the worlds of marketing, entertainment, product placement and film. 

The work seamlessly combines all of these commercial engagements within the one medium but without any compromise to its creative integrity. 

Additionally, and arguably most importantly, we have yet to find an adult who has not enjoyed this work to the same level as their child. In fact, 9 out of 10 adults tested enjoyed it even more!

The winner of the Carbon Award 2015 is ‘The Lego Movie’.