Newspapers, Magazines and Music 2015

News UK, Unquiet Film Series -, The Times and The Sunday Times, made for Grey London by Betsy Works, "Question Everything", "FIFA Files" directed by Will Clark, "Bringing The World To Britain", "The Art of Satire" directed by Liz Unna, "Bearing Witness" directed by Phil Lind.
  • Advertising Agency
    Grey London
  • Creative Directors
    Phil Lind, Dave Monk
  • Production Company
    Betsy Works
  • Directors
    Will Clark (Question Everything, FIFA Files), Liz Unna (Bringing The World To Britain, The Art of Satire), Phil Lind (Bearing Witness)
  • Executive Producer
    Peter Maynard
  • Producers
    Rachel Roberts, Dawn Christy, Peter Maynard, Selena Cunningham
  • Cinematographers
    Oliver Schofield, Tom Swindell, Candida Richardson
  • Editing Company
    Envy Post
  • Editors
    Joe Wilby, Nick Armstrong, Alex Lea
  • Post Production Company
    Envy Post
  • Audio Post Production
    Envy Post