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Wasted on Some - Queens English

BBC - iPlayer - Wasted on Some - Queens English

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Official Brand: BBC
Official Product: iPlayer
Official Title: Wasted on Some - Queens English
Agency: BBC Creative
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective
Director: Tim Godsall
Executive Creative Director(S): Helen Rhodes
Creative Director(S): Becca Pottinger
Art Director: Francesca Di Mottola
Creative(S): Andy Parkman
Agency Producer: Rachel Roberts
Other Agency Credits: Head of Planning - Mike Lean
Head of Production - James Wood
Project Manager - Phoebe Bibbings
Planner - Rosanagh Ker
Off Air Producer - Jessica Greshoff
Production Manager - Caroline Greig
Production Coordinator - Beth Morson
Audio Producer - Dominic Ross
Audio Producer - Gavin Matthews
Creative Director for Innovation & Technology - Ashley Temple
Pictures - Jane Record
Senior Designer -Marc Hardman
Motion Designer -Kieran Ahmed

Producer: Ben Roberts
Cinematographer: Ben Smithard
Production Designer: Morgan Kennedy
Lead Performers: Natasia Demetriou, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Guz Khan, Kate Phillips, Aimee Ffion-Edwards
Other Production Credits: Executive Producer - Tor Fitzwilliams
Colourist(S): Jason Wallis
Editing Company: Electric Theatre Collective
Editor(S): Adam Spivey
Sound Designer(S): Mark Hills
Other Audio Credits: Audio Producer - Deborah Whitfield