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Awarded to Anthony Moore

Awarded to Anthony Moore - -

Special Award

Title: Awarded to Anthony Moore
There are quite a few things that make Ant an industry legend so worthy of this prestigious award.

Let’s start with the most obvious. Ant’s body of work is quite extraordinary. In this year’s awards alone, out of twelve nominations in the coveted Sound Design category Ant’s name appears in four of them, with Factory in two others. That’s quite something. And it’s not a one off. Look at almost any awards show of the last ten to fifteen years, and Ant will be there, often more than once. Take a wander around the Factory offices and you’ll see the shelves groaning under the weight of his silver and gold ware. If I hadn’t had the pleasure of working with him I’d have been wondering how he did it, how he defies the odds. But I know how he does it. He’s quite simply fabulously talented.

But there also are some important lesser-known qualities that make Ant stand out in our industry, qualities that are almost equally weighted against his body of work. Ant, with his partner Lisette, has created a caring, family environment at Factory, where runners and juniors are mentored to become award-winning sound designers (four of which are also nominated tonight), technicians or producers. Youngsters joining the company have been inspired by the opportunity of a career rather than a job. He’s nurtured and trained them, being generous and open, taking his greatest pride from their success rather than his own. In short, he’s become an inspiring leader in his field.

Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, there’s another aspect of Ant that has to be mentioned. For a man with such skill and having achieved so much, it would be no surprise if a monster had been created. But Ant is so far from that. He’s a humble, kind and charming man. When lesser mortals are losing their shit, when toys are being thrown, Ant is always there to calmly and charmingly take control.

This is perhaps reflected in those who return time and time again to Factory’s front door. Top directors, creatives and agency producers are queuing up to work with Ant, as they know that he carries that rare combination of being the very best at what he does with being a truly lovely individual.

To conclude, when someone was describing Ant to me recently, they said “He’s always quick to let others take the stage ahead of him.” Well, Ant, I’d like to see you try that tonight.